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AI Lambs have arrived!

Posted 3/13/2011 4:20pm by Breezy Meadows Farm.

We have a lull in lambing today so I thought I would post a few pictures of some of our new arrivals.

Here is a picture of Audrey with her ram lamb. I love his ear set and color. His sire is Grugoer "Welshman".

Here are some pictures of Paulina's lambs. She was bred to Myfyrian "Trueblue":

This is our "Emma" she is out of Grugoer "Welshman" also. So far she is our first natural colored lamb and she is out of 2 white parents so we are very thrilled. Her dam is black factored.

Another nice ewe lamb. She is out of Llwygy "Black Mountain"

The lambs and their mothers have not been cooperating very well for taking pictures. All of the lambs are doing well. We had a few issues with some first time moms that weren't sure why a lamb was trying to suck on them but they soon figured it out.