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Hello Spring!

Posted 4/2/2011 6:15pm by Paul & Jolene Vezzetti.

What a great spring day today has been! After yesterdays rain and snow showers, we woke up to a bright sunny Spring morning. The temperatures were still a little too chilly to not wear a light jacket, but the afternoon sun sure felt good.

Our morning got off to a good start when the last of our Tunis ewe's lambed. Judy surprised us with a large ram lamb! We had expected her to lamb in a few days. The poor little guy somehow got into the lambs creep feeder and couldn't get to his mother. Judy kept trying to clean him up through the narrow openings in the feeder. She was overjoyed when the two were reunited. 

For our non-sheep friends, a creep feeder is basically a pen that the lambs can walk in and out of and get all of the grain that they want, but their moms can't get into the pen. The growing lambs need to get food on their own, as their moms may not leave enough for them if they are fed from the same feed troughs. At this age the lambs are still learning to eat grain and hay and kind of just nibble at it.

After getting Judy and her lamb settled, we spent most of the day freshening up the flower beds, planting gladiolas, and taking care of the garden.

We also spent some time checking out all of the lambs and see how they are growing and picking out some of our favorites. We are still waiting for 2 more of our Bluefaced Leicesters to lamb - hopefully by next weekend so that I can get some sleep again! 

It is time to name the lambs. We'd love to hear any suggestions you have. It gets harder each year to come up with new names for the flock. For our Bluefaced Leicester's we like to choose British themed names or towns that are found in Britain. If you'd like to share your ideas, please feel free to.