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Little Lost Fawn

Posted 6/18/2011 5:49pm by Paul & Jolene Vezzetti.

This afternoon we were all out working in the garden. I heard a strange cry and looked to see what was wrong with the lambs. To my big surprise a small fawn was running in the pasture with Duffy, our Haflinger. Duffy is normally very mellow and happily allows the sheep or our dogs to be in her pasture and enjoys the company. For some reason Duffy was in hot pursuit of the fawn to make her get out of her pen.

We all sprang into action to try to catch the fawn so that we could put her over the fence so she could find her mama. The fawn hurt her face trying to run through the fence but the scratches were minor. She was adorable and very soft.

Hannah and Patrick with the rescued fawnHannah releasing the fawn

Fawn running back to mom