Our Story

Breezy Meadows Farm was established in 1999 when we moved out of a housing development and purchased a home on 10 acres. 

When the opportunity came for us to purchase this new home, we knew that this was the right move for us to make but little did we know how much our lives and lifestyle would change as a result of this move.

We soon realized that mowing our new "lawn" was going to be too much work and looked for other solutions. After much research, we decided that raising sheep would be the perfect solution for us.

Initially we decided to purchase Babydoll Southdowns, a yearling ewe and two ewe lambs. After a few months, Paul fell in love with the Tunis and we purchased an aged ewe, Prudence. After purchasing Prudence, he purchased a few more ewes to add to our Tunis flock.

As time went on, we found that we enjoyed the sheep more and more. Jolene has always had an interest in crafts and decided to learn how to spin wool and to learn other crafts that were related to using wool. In 2001 Jolene learned to spin wool and because we desired to use the wool from sheep that we raise, we decided to look for a breed of sheep to raise that was more fitting to our fiber needs. Jolene quickly settled on the Bluefaced Leicester as the breed for us to raise.

We began searching for Bluefaced Leicester ewes to purchase and found that it was more difficult than we expected. At that time in 2001 and 2002, BFL's were not very common. We ended up purchasing a BFL ram from Anne Priest. After purchasing the ram, we were able to find a few aged ewes to purchase. Our Bluefaced Leicester flock has grown over the years to include both white and natural colored animals. We currently have 12 breeding ewes, 5 yearling ewes, and 2 rams in our purebred BFL flock.