Scenes from the Farm

Here are some pictures of the sheep and the farm. We hope that you will enjoy them!

Diana comes for a visitThe flock grazing in the yardAudrey with her 2010 lamb, KyleighDiana & DaphneBFL ewes in pastureHannah with Daphne. She won Supreme Champion FleeceHannah with Ashton, aka  "Poopsie". He won Grand Champion RamDuffy, our Haflinger,  enjoys a Fall dayTootsie's wondering if it's dinner time!Tunis sheep grazingFeed DeliveryFeed going into bin wagonBin wagon is fullPaulina's LambsPaulina's LambAwww Mom enough with the kisses!Lucy gets to know a new lambAudrey's new lambAudrey's 2011 Ram LambPaulina's 2011 Ewe LambPaulina's Ram LambPaulina's Ewe LambEmma a 2011 Natural Colored Lamb2011 Ewe LambSome BFL ewes in the pastureNatural colored BFLsSarah planting some broccoli plantsStarting to lay down the mulch in the gardenDuffy, our Haflinger, peeks out to say HiHannah in gardenHannah planting some broccoliMission accomplished! Early garden plants are all in the ground.Hannah finishing up planting the lettuceAudrey's 2011 Ram Lamb - Just love those ears!!Judy's Ram Lamb - He's got great dark cinnamon color that will look great when he grows his cream colored wool.First Daffodils of the year are blooming!a 2011 Tunis lamb enjoying the spring sunshire.Look mom - I can run!Our only 2011 natural colored lamb A BFL ewe lamb going out to pasture for the first time - she was soooo happy!Daffodils blooming in the afternoon sunFlowering Pears line the drivewayFirst signs of sprouting peasSheep grazing in pastureChloe - Our newest addition to the flock Hannah & Paul showing yearling ewesHannah showing Kyleigh at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival