Meet Your Farmers

Paul Vezzetti

Paul has had a passion for farming since he was a little boy and had a toy dairy farm. His mom said he would play "farm" for hours at a time.

Paul is happiest when he is outside working.

Jolene Vezzetti

Jolene manages the day to day operations of the farm and keeps all the paperwork together.

I make all of the crafts that we sell at local craft fairs. Crafting has been my passion since I was a little girl, making clothes for my dolls. There are few crafts that I haven't tried. Prior to living on our farm and having access to lots of wool, quilting and sewing were my passions. I love the versatility of wool and the many different crafts that I can use the wool for.

Patrick Vezzetti

Patrick learned to shear sheep a number of years ago and has taken over the job from Paul. Patrick shears all of our sheep now and does an excellent job.

Patrick is also our welder and repairs alot of the equipment on the farm. He is responsible for all of the metal work that needs to be created or repaired

He is the head designer of our needle felting products. Patrick also creates the sleds and other accessories for the Snowmen that we sell at craft fairs.



Sarah Vezzetti

Sarah is a Chemistry major at Delaware Valley College. She helps out wherever she's needed on the farm. She tirelessly plants all of our vegetable plants.

Sarah especially loves working the farmer's markets and getting to know our customers.

Hannah Vezzetti

Hannah is our all around helper. She helps with making crafts for the craft fairs as well as harvesting and getting ready for the market.

Hannah will be a Freshman at Delaware Valley College in September 2013 and will be majoring in Food Science. She is an amazing baker and cook and we hope to use her talents in the coming year to feature some of her products.