Breezy Meadows Farm is located in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania approximately 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. We are a family owned farm that was established in 1999.

Our focus for the farm has been breeding Bluefaced Leicester and Tunis sheep. In all of our animals we are breeding for soundness, disposition, easy management, and parasite resistance.

Our Bluefaced Leicester flock is comprised of both white as well as natural colored animals. We have continued to improve the quality of our flock by purchasing exceptional rams. And, in 2010, we were part of a small group of Bluefaced Leicester breeders that imported semen collected from rams in the United Kingdom. We then used artificial insemination in October of 2010 for the first time on the flock to breed with some of our ewes. We are anxiously awaiting the birth of these lambs in March.

We strive to produce quality animals that have both correct conformation as well as great fleece. Our goal at Breezy Meadows Farm is to continually produce better animals.

We are committed to promoting the Bluefaced Leicester and in that effort, we bring our sheep to show at several Sheep & Wool  Festivals on the East Coast.

Although the Bluefaced Leicester has become our primary focus in our breeding and improvement efforts, we maintain a small Tunis flock.  Our efforts in breeding the Tunis are  for a rich, red color in our flock and have ewes that are more of the "older", smaller size. We love the Tunis for their unique look and calm personalities.


In addition to offering breeding stock of both BFLs and Tunis for sale, we offer a variety of products that are made from the wool from our sheep including, roving, fleeces, yarn, and craft items. We also offer Louet spinning products, Jacquard dyes, as well as needle felting supplies.

We are enrolled in the Volunteer Scrapie Eradication Program and practice FAMACHA in the flock for the treatment of internal parasites.

In 2011 we are adding farm fresh produce to our product line. We will be selling produce at farmer's markets in our area.